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ROTEK s.r.o. is a Slovak Engineering company based in Nižná nad Oravou. It functions in its own objects on the grounds of the late OTF Nižná. Thanks to several years of experience and also thanks to the competition the company still progresses. The engineering equipment is extending proportionally to technological progress. The company is focusing on the production of pressing molds, bending and cutting tools, fitting and welding fixtures. We also incorporate batch production of machine parts acording to requirements of the customer.

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Company as the holder of Managment of quality system certificate works in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2009 standard. We offer professional approach during the realisation of orders, friendly schedules, bargain prices and quality of delivered products for our customers. All of this is included in our golden rules of quality policy.

The work process of our company from the point of recieving the order until the expedition goes through technological processing in CAD and CAM programs - Siemens NX 8 - Unigraphic, Solid Works, Solid Edge, Surfcam Velocity or Autocad. The production alone is made on a modern CNC machines (turning, cutting) and also on conventional machines like milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, hand lever shears, benders etc.

We cooperate our products until the final treatment according to the requirements of the customer. Surface or thermal treatment are done by our partners.

After the finishing the required product we place high importance on the checkout. That is done by 3D measure Micro XCEL Brown & Sharpe, 2D measure Mitutoyo LH600 and profile projector Mitutoyo PJ300.